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Clubhouse and Pool Information

Rental Information:
You must be a resident of RSE to rent the clubhouse, popcorn machine and/or pool, and association dues/fines must be paid prior to renting.
For Popcorn Machine rental, please fill out the rental agreement in the link below and place it along with payment in the clubhouse mailbox. Please include 2 checks (1 for the deposit and 1 for the total rental cost and popcorn
bag(s) purchase. All checks should be made payable to: Romaine Spring Estates HOA. Please note that equipment rental is subject to availability and on a first come first serve basis.
Popcorn Machine Rental cost: $50.00
Popcorn bag cost: $2.00 per bag
Popcorn Machine Deposit: $200.00
For the clubhouse/pool rental, first check the calendar on the website for an available date. Print out the rental contract at the bottom of this page. Fill in all information, submit it and 2 checks (one for the $500 deposit and one for the amount of the rental fee listed below). Drop the contract and checks into the clubhouse mailbox and once received we will put you on the calendar for your date. We must have a signed contract and checks in hand before the rental can be put on the calendar.
If you want to rent the pool during season it is included in the pricing below. The pool can only be used for rentals after 8pm. It is "SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK" unless you hire a lifeguard.
Lifeguards are available for a fee from the pool company.
$500 deposit check and rental fee check should be written out to Romaine Spring Estates HOA
Of if to pay via credit card please see below.
Winter Season:
Weekdays $50
Weekends $100 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)
Holidays $125
Summer Season:
Weekdays and Weekends$100
Holidays $125
Please contact the HOA: with any questions you may have that are not covered on this page or the contract.
 ****The contract needs to be filled out and signed by the exceptions.  It doesn't matter who the check comes from.
**Please put the homeowner's last name and address in the memo section of both checks.
*Anything not completed on the contract will be billed to you, and the deposit check will be held for two weeks after the bill is given to you.  If the bill is not paid within two weeks, the deposit check will be cashed and used to pay the bill.  We have had to clean up after many rentals and this time will be compensated to us accordingly, as it is very clear what needs to be done and what the fee is.
 If paying via credit card a $5 surcharge applies. Price listed below includes security deposit.  Amount charged is Rental Fees + any applicable fines.
Day of Rental
Association dues must be paid in full before pool priviledges are given.
Renters:  Please contact your homeowner for pool passes.
**If you need a new pass, they will be given for $10 each.
New homeowners:  Please contact us for your pool pass!  We will be happy to get one for you.